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Prospect Tea About Us
Prospect Tea
About Us

About Prospect Tea

Although we are named after tranquil Prospect Park, a sprawling green sanctuary in the middle of Brooklyn, our teas are citizens of the world. We traversed the globe to find the finest tea leaves: aromatic, flavorful…perfect. At Prospect Tea Co., we are fastidious in choosing and blending the highest quality leaves and use ancient artisanal methods to craft exquisite selections for use in single cup brewing systems. Prospect Park Tea is an escape from the daily grind, and our deliciously unique teas beckon you to immerse yourself in sublime serenity- if only for the precious moments it takes to savor a delectable cup. So find a quiet nook. Relax with our custom-crafted blends. Let the stress of the outside world melt away. When you find true tranquili-tea, our work is done.


  • Highlights
  • 12 delicious and unique flavors
  • Hand selected ingredients
  • Custom crafted blends release flavorful aromas and maintain superb taste and profile
  • Authenticity and the ultimate tea drinking experience define all of our premium quality teas and herbals
  • Prospect teas feature gourmet blends not found in other single serve cups like Darjeeling, Chai, White tea, Oolong, and more
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